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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Fairy Doors and Fairy Garden accessories

Fairy Doors

Fairy Doors are a great encouragement for small children to adopt good behaviour, and to help them through challenging development stages in their lives- from toilet training, to new beginnings (new homes, new schools, family changes), as well as simply adding a touch of imagination and fun to your home!
Fairy Doors
Simply find a suitable place for your door - they are great on skirting boards, or perhaps on a shelf away from tiny fingers (but keep them indoors please!), and let the imaginative play begin. 
Perhaps provide a little basket for those baby teeth to be taken away in, to cut out the rifling under pillows in the dark. (and stepping on plastic bricks on the way out of the bedroom).
Dress the doors with knockers, and letterboxes to add a further touch of realism. If using on a shelf, why not incorporate a lovely Royal Mail red post box, which also acts as a beautiful bookend - in perfect scale with the Fairy Doors.
Encourage good behaviour with your fairy leaving notes, or small gifts beside the door in a morning for your child to find. If you're feeling really brave, incorporating glitter can add a further touch of magical sparkle.
The great thing about imagination and magic, is it's limitless. Let your ideas run free, release your inner child, and join in the fun of seeing your child engage in imaginative play.
black door fox

We stock many accessories at Magpies-Miniatures which can bring even more magic to your little doors, from door knockers and letter boxes, to post boxes, baskets to place outside, even toadstools to create a miniature Fairy Garden. Just remember to keep them inside!

Shop the range here: Magpies-Miniatures

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