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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Creating with Miniatures: Making Fairy Doors

(image from this blog)

Have you seen the latest trend of fairy doors? They are everywhere at the moment, tiny little doors for the magical folk to enter. Some companies out there make them in a few selected styles, using glittery paint, or external wood stain to weatherproof them... but why not take the inspiration and make your own?

Here at Magpies-Miniatures we stock lots of products to help you create wonderful little fairy doors. Including ready built doors, knobs, handles, knockers, even letter boxes!

Too late for this Christmas, but plan ahead and consider a little door for the elves, how else did the Elf on a Shelf get in? Adorn it with tinsel, a wreath, and leave little gifts outside it! Perhaps a ring box decorated with ribbon, with a little plate of cookies inside - imagine the delight of the kids as they receive the presents, and fill up the dolls' houses in the process!

pop over to to see what miniature wonders we stock, and let your imagination run wild. Big kids and little kids alike will love this unique idea, whether it's in your home, shop, or cafe - or even outdoors!

Click the links below to browse our shop. Enquiries welcome.

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